Summer Moonshine

Warmth, coolness and space, all in one vintage-looking bottle: Summer Moonshine has everything to light up your world indoors.

It took a while to coax them in, but a Creeping Fig Ficus pumila, a pink-leaved Fittonia (nerve plant), and the tiny Artillery Plant Pilea microphylla are thriving happily together in this miniature garden in a bottle.

Helping to maintain the health of this ecosystem are some hexapods called springtails, that we’ve added to do the clean-up. They’ll eat up any mould, bacteria and old plant bits that die off. They also help aerate and fertilise the soil, meaning less maintenance in keeping your terrarium healthy!

This nearly self-sustaining indoor garden is housed in a 17cm tall apothecary-style glass bottle, for that retro feel with all-around viewing all year long. Summer Moonshine will do best in a bright spot, away from direct sunlight or any source of heat. Watering is minimal, since the terrarium has its own cork cover to decrease evaporation.

A care sheet and a pipette for watering are provided with your purchase, and we’re just an email away if you have any questions.

Start converting your living space into a mini paradise, one terrarium at a time…


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