Stonecrop Circle

Immerse yourself in a land of adventure and sunshine without the need for airfare and baggage. Stonecrop Circle is one of our bespoke terrariums that transport the arid, rocky mountain gorges directly into your living room.

This rugged and mysterious planting consists of several Crassula orbicularis succulents, surrounding a branch of Contorted Hazel on a bed of pale gravel. This evokes the cliff faces and semi-desert conditions of the plant’s native South Africa.

As well as being unusual and beautiful, this terrarium is a complete ecosystem with tiny hexapods called springtails that do the cleaning up. They’ll eat up any mould, bacteria and old plant bits that die off. They also help aerate and fertilise the soil, meaning less maintenance in keeping your terrarium healthy!

This nearly self-sustaining indoor wilderness is housed in a robust 15 cm tall glass cone, for all-around viewing all year long. It will do best in a bright spot, away from direct sunlight or any source of heat.

As it is an open terrarium, watering may need to be more frequent, especially during the warm summer days or when the central heating is running.

A care sheet and a pipette for watering are provided with your purchase, and we’re just an email away if you have any questions.

Transform a shelf or a tabletop with a Stonecrop Circle open terrarium: the accent piece that brings the experience of the wild outdoors right into your living space.


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