If allowed to go unnoticed, either overwatering or underwatering plants in any container can be a disaster. So using a pipette is a recommended method for watering your terrarium – whether it’s a closed terrarium or open.

Our 10ml plastic pipette is approx. 30 cm (11.5 in) long, making it perfect for most terrarium sizes and shapes. Its length is adequate for reaching into nooks and crannies, for getting past leaves and stems without damaging plants.

Although watering isn’t often needed in a closed terrarium, moisture needs to be put back into the soil every few months. Open terrariums will require watering, particularly in the growing season, and a pipette will make it that much easier. Let our pipette help you by bringing more control over water flow and precise positioning of the outlet tip.

Take some of the guesswork out of maintaining your terrariums; get a pipette for yourself (and another for a plant-loving friend).


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