Ocean Brocade
Hand Painted Terracotta Cachepot Set 11cm

Transport yourself to distant shores while admiring your indoor greenery. With its calming shades of blues and greens, our artisanal Ocean Brocade cachepot set wraps your plant in easy luxury while lifting the mood of your interior.

Named after the luxurious, richly decorative silk brocade fabrics interwoven with gold and silver threads, our exclusive cachepots are one of a kind, decorative planters which enhance your living space without your having to repot a plant out of an unsightly container

Newly bought houseplants can be allowed to grow and acclimatise to your indoor conditions. There’s no need to repot a plant as soon as it gets home from the garden centre as this could disrupt its roots and cause stress.

This set includes one hand-painted terracotta pot and saucer; it’s our smaller size in an 11cm diameter.

Each of our cachepot sets has been sealed with primer, meticulously painted by hand with a low toxicity, water-based acrylic paint, then varnished for added protection. To help preserve the intricate artwork on your cachepot set, we recommend keeping your plants in their plastic garden centre pots, then placing these inside the cachepot.

To clean your cachepot set, we recommend wiping with a soft, damp cloth (a microfibre cloth is also a good option).

These cachepots are intended for indoor use only. We do not advise you to use them for planting directly into; we don’t advise these for outdoor use either.

Lose yourself in your happy place and keep your plant’s serviceable container in the background, all in the soothing calm of our Ocean Brocade set.


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