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Free with each purchase of a terrarium: you’ll receive one long pipette with each terrarium you buy. Using a pipette will make watering more precise and easier to get into those nooks and crannies.

Some of our terrariums have flowering plants like Peperomia, Pilea, African Violets, Begonias, etc. These flowers may either be upright spikes or pendulous blooms, depending on the species.

Obsidian Monolith

Eye-catching in any setting, the Obsidian Monolith terrarium will bring a piece of the great outdoors into your indoor living space.

Central to this miniature forest is the weeping fig, Ficus benjamina, also popular as an indoor bonsai tree. Other plants include a button fern Pellaea rotundifolia and spiderwort Tradescantia quadricolor, gathered ‘round a piece of sustainably sourced Obsidian rough from California. This unpolished, natural stone has a wealth of iron oxide inclusions which give it that deep pinkish-orange hue. In the second picture, the ferns and mosses colonising the Obsidian rock are an indication that the ecosystem inside this terrarium is established.

To complete the ecosystem, we’ve added some hexapods called springtails. They handle the clean-up by eating any mould, bacteria and old plant bits that die off. They also help aerate and fertilise the soil, meaning less maintenance in keeping your terrarium healthy!

This nearly self-sustaining indoor garden is housed in a 30cm tall glass cylinder, for all-around viewing all year long. It will do best in a bright spot, away from direct sunlight or any source of heat. Watering is minimal, since the terrarium has a cork cover to decrease evaporation.

A care sheet and a pipette for watering are provided with your purchase, and we’re just an email away if you have any questions.

Get this garden in a bottle to bring a green, living tropical forest into your home.


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