Mist Spray Bottles

When you need to boost the humidity in your terrarium and give your tropical plants a pick-me-up, then a quick spray could be just the thing. Misting can also be a way of minimising the risk of overwatering your terrarium. And other humidity-loving houseplants may also benefit from a light spritz, particularly when the central heating is on.

If you live in a hard water area, using distilled or de-ionised water in your spray bottle will also avoid the build-up of limescale on your terrarium glass and the leaves of your plants.

Attractive, re-usable and practical, these jewel-toned spray bottles are also easy to use: just fill up and spray away! Each bottle is about 14cm tall, compact enough to carry easily, while delivering a uniform, fine-mist spray.

Available in limited quantities.

Choose from either of our 100 ml misters: the Ultramarine blue glass bottle with a dark atomiser, or the Turquoise BPA-free plastic bottle with white atomiser.


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