Coming back for your Curl Truth Refresh

These are five easy steps to prepare your hair for a Curly Cut

Curl Truth welcomes you back for a refresh. And we thank you for always choosing our salon and setting this appointment.

You chose us to take care of your curls because we’re not a traditional salon. So before you come in, as always there is a little bit of non-traditional prep work that we would like to ask you to do.

Carry on with your usual routine and come in with your hair looking as it would normally. Day 2-3 hair is ideal if you have already mastered your hair. It should be hanging loose with no clips or pins, completely unstretched and lived in for a day or two.

Prepping for your appointment only needs these Five EASY Steps:

  • Co-wash/Cleanse your hair as you normally would
  • Condition and detangle as you normally would
  • Style and dry your hair as normal
  • Preserve and refresh as normal on the upcoming days
  • Then just make sure that your hair is 100% dry on arrival at the salon.

Pineapples, buffs (snoods) and medusa clipping are perfectly alright. But we ask that you please ensure your hair is not stretched by braiding or being worn in a bun at night.

Returning Client? Here’s how to get the best results out of your Curly Cut

Curl Truth definitely does not recommend that you style your hair with oils, butter or hair spray. Using such products will make hair clump or stick together. If hair is not pliant, this could cause pain when we work on the strands.

Curl Truth also does not recommend wearing your hair in a ponytail or bun as this will distort the curls. We need to be able to see the real curl pattern to ensure that you get the best results.

Also note that for best results, it’s essential that you correctly prep your hair as per the above 5 steps, prior to your appointment. In some cases, you might find frizz occurring even after religiously following our instructions. This is not cause for concern. Frizz actually helps us to see and identify your curls in their most natural form. Please still come in for your appointment as scheduled.

If after religiously following these instructions you find that you still struggle with your hair, then try following the steps for first time guests.

Curl Truth wants the best results for you from this appointment, and we appreciate your taking the extra time to get ready for it. Our stylists are always happy when you go home happy with your hair.

We’re looking forward to seeing you again at the salon.



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