Curl Truth - Terms and Conditions
of Service for Appointments

Our terms and conditions are intended to help us make your appointment with Curl Truth an enjoyable occasion that goes smoothly. We aim to give you the curly style you desire and provide you with a better understanding of how to reap the benefits of your curly hair.

The following terms and conditions are to help you enjoy your Curl Truth experience by maximizing the benefits of the limited time you will have with us. We would encourage you to read, understand and follow the details of our terms and conditions.

For simplicity our terms and conditions are split into:

Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. While we try not to change these terms and conditions, it could be that a change in circumstances, or product development, local regulation changes, etc. all mean that we are required to revise them from time to time. We are unable to give notice of these changes, and you should be aware that the current set as posted on this website at the time of your appointment will be the terms and conditions that are applicable. In accepting your booking, you accept that our current terms and conditions apply to your appointment.

Before Your Appointment


When you make an appointment, you will receive a confirmatory email with the time, date and location of your appointment. You will receive a number of email notices between booking your appointment and the date of your appointment. These email notices provide guidance on what you need to do before arriving at the salon.

Following the requirements is part of getting the most out of your appointment and not being disappointed because you arrive unprepared for the services you have booked.  The email notices and the guidance form part of the appointment—should you be unclear or unable to undertake all of the direction in the email notice, you should contact us by email immediately, so that we can work with you to clarify or resolve things with sufficient time before your appointment. We will respond by email.

Rescheduling an Appointment

Where you find it necessary to reschedule your appointment, you may do so no later than two days prior to your appointment day. This means that if you have an appointment on a Friday you may reschedule your appointment up to the close of business on the Tuesday before (i.e.: for a Friday appointment day—with Wednesday and Thursday being two prior days, means that the appointment can be changed up to close of business on the Tuesday).

For appointments that are rescheduled up to two days prior to the appointment, the existing deposit can be used to secure the new appointment. Rescheduling after this two-day time period will be deemed to be an early cancellation.

Only the person with control of the method of payment may reschedule an appointment except by mutual confirmed agreement. In special circumstances where we are able to agree a substitute, we will require a letter, email or other archivable form of notification from you to perform the reschedule. Verbal messages (including phone calls) will be insufficient in this respect.

Getting the most out of your appointment

Our methods involve an active partnership between you and your stylist. To gain the maximum benefit from your appointment, you need to be frank with your stylist and give as much and as accurate information as you can. It may be a simple observation, but we cannot address your challenges if we don’t know what they are.

You should provide as much and as accurate information as possible, this is your responsibility.

Your stylist can only do as good a job as the quality of the information you provide. If complete and accurate information is either not provided or is incorrectly provided, this may lead to adverse reactions as we style your hair with you.


Your appointment starts before you arrive at the salon.

In order to gain the most from your Curl Truth experience, it is really important that you follow the requirements in the email notices.  These requirements have been identified as important as they allow us to help you get the most out of your appointment.

So for example, if you arrive with any of the following:

  • braid out
  • twist out
  • braids
  • twists
  • buns
  • ponytails
  • Bantu knots
  • or any similar style

we will not be able to provide the service booked. Our methods require your hair to be prepared as indicated in the email notices we send to you. You should arrive at the salon with your hair in a loose wash and go (unstretched) hair style.

If you are unable to follow the directions provided in the email notices, then the styling outcomes on the day are unpredictable, and as a result you will be deemed to have cancelled your appointment. This cancellation will unfortunately be regarded as a late cancellation. You will then need to rebook an appointment at the next available time in the diary; no preferential appointments are available in this respect.

During Your Appointment

Allergies/Medical Requirements

We will endeavour to work with you to accommodate any allergies/medical requirements you may have and ask that you inform us accordingly at the start of your appointment at the salon.

You should identify any allergies/medical requirements at the time of your booking.

Where you develop the symptoms after your booking, and we are unable to accommodate you as a result of your allergies, we will mutually agree that the appointment is cancelled and a full refund of any deposits will be made. Failure to notify us of any allergy/medical requirements that are pre-existing at the time of booking your appointment means you will be deemed to have cancelled your appointment. This cancellation will unfortunately be regarded as a late cancellation. You will then need to rebook an appointment at the next available time in the diary; no preferential appointments are available in this respect.


We are living in a world where illness is sadly not unusual, and we all want to protect each other from adverse impact where possible. Illnesses are also unpredictable, so we ask that you be honest with all of the Curl Truth community and help us protect each other. If you have an illness, please consider the staff and other clients as well as yourself before you arrive for an appointment. When your illness could impact or hurt others, we ask that you cancel and reschedule your appointment. We know curly hair is important, but is it really important enough to cause harm to others?

Illness is an unfortunate issue we all face. In order to protect you, other clients and our staff, we do not provide service where an Illness is infectious/contagious.

If your illness is infectious/contagious, each of these has a different risk; we therefore ask—if you become ill—that you are clear of all symptoms for a week before your appointment. If you are not clear of symptoms, we strongly advise you to cancel your appointment and rebook the next available slot after you have cleared symptoms for a week. We will be understanding and attempt to find the earliest appointment possible under these circumstances. Infectious/contagious diseases would be illnesses like COVID-19, the common cold, flu, measles, chicken pox, etc.

If you arrive at the salon with an infectious/contagious illness you will be deemed to have cancelled your appointment. This cancellation will unfortunately be regarded as a late cancellation. You will then need to rebook an appointment at the next available time in the diary; no preferential appointments are available in this respect.

If your illness is not infectious/contagious we will do our best to accommodate you. Please inform us of the non-contagious illness you may have and the measures/precautions we need to take to protect you during your appointment.

If you arrive at the salon with any illness which is not infectious/contagious but you require measures/precautions that we are unable to meet, you will be deemed to have cancelled your appointment. This cancellation will unfortunately be regarded as a late cancellation. You will then need to rebook an appointment at the next available time in the diary; no preferential appointments are available in this respect.


The Curl Truth experience is intended to be relaxing and focus on enhancing your curly hair. For minors, the two to three-hour appointment can be daunting and irritating, requiring patience and understanding that is not always easy for young people. The hair cutting process in particular can be challenging as it requires perseverance, good judgment and attention to detail. On occasions, we find that children/minors struggle and this can be manifested as crying, screaming, biting, head-butting, punching, etc. We will not force children/minors to have their hair cut, washed and/or dried, as their appointment with Curl Truth is meant to be a positive experience. Please use your judgment when you book an appointment for children/minors, as we may be unable to complete the service if they lose patience with us.

In the event of behaviour of children/minors creating a health and safety risk as a result of misbehaviour in the opinion of the stylist (which is final), the appointment will be deemed as complete. Payment will be due in full for the booked service, wherever terminated.

We ask that you note our requirements for accompaniment of children/minors:

  • All appointments for minors, i.e. those under 18 in England, are conditional.
  • For minors over 16 and under 18 we will accept unaccompanied appointments.
  • For minors under 16 a parent or guardian shall be present at all times during the appointment.
  • For minors under 5 we do not normally accept appointments.


At Curl Truth we provide a high quality service and we offer 100% satisfaction. In the event of you not being satisfied with your curly cut and/or colour services, we ask that you contact us immediately and we will work with you to achieve a look and feel for your hair that you are comfortable with. We both need to remember that hair is a natural material and each of us is different; so some styles, cuts, colours, etc are not achievable for all.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the service received, or the outcome achieved for your hair, please contact Curl Truth within 10 days of your appointment. We will work with you to find a time where we can discuss your concerns and how you would like them addressed, to see what we can do to achieve satisfaction.

We do not make refunds for any service provided.

Personal Property

Please ensure that valuables such as mobile phones, tablets, wallets/purses, keys, etc are kept on you at all times. Theft is uncommon, however people at times pick up the wrong jacket/bag/keys, etc especially if these look similar to their own.

Mobile phones, tablets and the like are easily damaged when dropped, particularly if they fall into water in basins. We urge clients to wait until seated under the dryer to make phone calls and/or use their tablets, to avoid damage as well as focus on the support and guidance being provided by the stylist during your appointment.

Curl Truth accept no liability for damaged, lost or stolen property.


Deposits/Card holding

Appointments are confirmed upon receipt of a deposit; the value of the deposit depends upon the service being booked.

Deposits are non-refundable; however, they can be transferred to cover the deposit on rescheduled appointments, provided 2 working days’ notice. See Rescheduling an Appointment above.

Deposits are non-refundable if the appointment is not taken up or cancelled with less than a full week’s notice.


Payment is due upon completion of the appointment or cancellation, and shall be made in full. We do not offer a credit facility.


We consider cancellation in the following manner:

  • Early Cancellation – 1 week or more notice of rescheduling or cancellation of an appointment.
    We offer a full refund or transfer of the deposit to a future appointment.
  • Cancellation – 2 clear days’ or more notice of rescheduling or cancellation of an appointment.
    We offer a transfer of the deposit to a future appointment.
  • Late Cancellation – Less than 2 clear days’ notice of rescheduling or cancellation of an appointment.
    The deposit is forfeited.
  • No Show
    The deposit is forfeited. For repeat no-shows, payment in advance may be required.

When a deposit is repaid you will need to provide the following information:

  • the name you used to book with
  • your full email, address and/or number provided at the time of booking
  • the appointment time and date to confirm your identity
  • the last 4 digits of the card used to secure your appointment, plus the title, first initial and surname of the cardholder.

Without this information, your deposit refund could be significantly delayed.

If Your Cancelled Appointment is Rebooked by Others

The reason that we require 2 clear days’ notice of cancellation is to allow us to attempt to fill your cancelled appointment by rebooking. On the rare occasions where we are able to rebook your cancelled appointment, we will contact you and give you the option of using the deposit against a future appointment, either as a deposit or—in the event of your having already paid a deposit—towards settling the final bill associated with your future appointment.

Methods of Refund

Payments can only be refunded to the card originally used at the time of the transaction.

A refund takes between 4 days and 14 days to fully process, depending on the type of card and the timing of how the credit request hits the banking system. The credit will appear backdated on your statement.

Payments made with cash originally can be refunded by arranged collection at the salon or by bank transfer.

Payments cannot be refunded by card if they were originally made by cash.

The banking system only allows transactional data to be held for 1 year so while deposits are on the system, Curl Truth are unable to process a refund for a deposit which is over a year old. We are able, upon confirmation of the payment, to use the value of the deposit to offset costs with future appointments, and/or product purchases.

Cancellation/Rescheduling by Curl Truth


Appointment Disclaimer

Occasionally, due to staff shortage or unforeseen circumstances impacting the salon, Curl Truth may need to cancel an appointment.

On the occasion where a booking may have to be rescheduled within a few days of the appointment, we will try our best to get you in as close to the original date you booked as possible. Please be patient with us as there are only a limited number of slots in a day, and we cannot create more slots than there are.

Curl Truth reserve the right to cancel an appointment due to unforeseen circumstances.

We know that many of you travel some distance and make a short break out of your Curl Truth appointment. For those of you traveling and/or staying overnight, we ask:

  • That you confirm your appointment before travelling
  • That you book your accommodation with a cancellation option.

Curl Truth cannot accept responsibility for costs incurred in travelling to/from your appointment, for accommodation, etc.

More Information

If you would like more information, please contact Curl Truth using the contact form here.