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Hi! My name is Fabby...

…and I started Curl Truth™️ because I believe that we can live a life in harmony with our curls. This inspires me to bring back fun and light-heartedness to the curly hair lifestyle—with the most suitable cut for your curls and a kind hair care routine for your lifestyle.

My road to understanding more about caring for curly hair started when I was fifteen years old, when one of my friends decided to grow out her natural hair. I was her ‘support’ during that journey. The process of growing and maintaining my friend’s curly tresses revealed a lot to me about what was lacking in mainstream hair care; from then onwards, I decided to work towards my hairdressing qualifications and take part in bringing the good news to all curlkind.

For me, being a good hairdresser means working with your hair to get the best out of it. Curl Truth exists to give your crowning glory the caring, attention and acceptance that you deserve.

Life is meant for loving—both for yourself and your curls. Book an appointment today; let us take care of your curl concerns, so you can focus on living your best life.

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