Curly Knowledge and Tips


The Handbook

Lorraine Massey’s first curl manifesto explores the beautiful journey of hair acceptance and how it comes in all shapes and sizes.

Complete with first-hand testimonials from Massey and curly-haired women around the world, this book is meant to empower, educate, and celebrate curly hair.

You’ll find unique, all-natural hair care tips and easy recipes for homemade potions. Curly Girl is meant for all who are looking to embrace their curls in the most natural way possible.



A Handbook

Following the success of Curly Girl: The Handbook, Lorraine Massey shines once again with an ode to silver hair.

This book is a love letter to every woman who has ever considered embracing her natural colour.

Filled with tips, tricks and transformative stories of women who have tested out the silver process, Silver Hair aims to be an insightful and informative how-to guide.



The Handbook

On its surface, Curly Kids is a creative, practical handbook about curly hair: how to care for it, how to style it, how to solve problems like frizz and knots.

But it’s also a book about empowering your kids and helping their self-esteem, because how we feel about our hair is more than follicle-deep––and that’s especially true for curly kids who are known to go through bouts of self-consciousness and straight-hair envy.

So by helping you and your kids learn new techniques like the Curly Girl Method of “co-washing” (using conditioner to cleanse the hair) and following an easy set of curly do’s and don’ts (never “blow-fry” curly hair), Curly Kids delivers a powerful promise: Teach your children how to love those fabulous curls––and with Massey’s help, those curls will be fabulous––and they’ll have the confidence to love all of themselves.


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