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We believe in only the best for you and your curls!

We wear our hair dry, so it makes sense to colour and dry cut each of our curls individually. This means that you have no unwelcome surprises when you get home. Since the method we use involves curl-by-curl cutting, and colouring, your tresses, and the products we use are sulphate, silicone and paraben-free, you’re likely to be the envy of every curly girl (and guy) alike!

* Our prices are subject to change without notice. *

Please note appointments can only be booked online via our booking system below, or on location with me. Appointments cannot be made over the phone. 

Cutting and Styling

£75 — Usually takes 45 mins+ 

It’s finally here, a quicker option for curly-haired people on the go! This streamlined service is perfect for those who just need their dry ends revitalised, without the fuss of having to sit for an extended period of styling. Also great after their last appointment.

The CurlyVive experience includes a consultation and trim.  This service is exclusively for returning customers and does not include a cleanse or style.

Please note: In the event that your hair has not been cut by Curl Truth before, your appointment for CURLYVIVE will be cancelled.

£120 — Usually takes 1.5 – 2 hrs+

Your waves, curls and fractal zigzags will be shaped dry as they lay. This is a technique pioneered by Lorraine Massey, and given that touch of hair flair unique to Curl Truth.

Simply because ‘we don’t wear our hair wet; we wear our hair dry’.

And also yours – if you have a bit more time and fancy a bit more pampering – is the option to add on a purifying mist treatment (£20), which helps to detoxify and deeply hydrate dry or damaged locks. This treatment usually takes 20-30 mins, depending on the length and density of your hair. 

£90 — Usually takes 1 hr+

If you struggle to manage your curls, a lightning curl workshop may be in order! 
This is a hands-on, personalized one-to-one class for you, during which you will learn how to properly cleanse, hydrate and apply your product, as well as be shown how to properly prepare to (h)air dry your curls.

THIS SERVICE IS FOR EXISTING CURLY CLIENTS ONLY — Your appointment will automatically be cancelled in the event that we have not previously cut your hair. 

£65 — Usually takes 30-45 mins+

If you just need the professional touch for an event, so that your curls look perfect and you get your wash day win, then you need a wash, dry and go!
Note that this service does not include a lesson on how to self mane-tame the look at home.

Colouring Services​

Please note the following:

  • Pricing for colours will vary. A patch test is MANDATORY prior to any colour service regardless of the situation.
  • Curl Truth does not currently offer colour corrective services.
  • Fabby is not currently accepting new colour clients

These start from £90 and can go up to £170.

Our colour services include complimentary drying via hood drier.

Curl Truth pricing for highlights will vary from £145 – £240.

Our colour services include complimentary drying via hood drier.

Our Gentle Reminders

It’s essential that you follow the preparation instructions in your booking email. Missing this prep work will impact the end result of your appointment. For example, arriving at the salon with your hair in a bun means that the natural shape of your curls will have been distorted and therefore cannot be correctly cut or styled. In these circumstances, your appointment will need to be rescheduled.

Please understand that we ask you to follow these instructions to give you the best experience possible with us. Doing this prep work correctly will avoid unnecessary complications. While Curl Truth will work to resolve these, the additional corrective work will naturally engender additional costs.

To avoid any possible cancellations, reschedules or other disappointments, please make sure you follow our preparation instructions. We only want the best for your curls!

Read our Terms & Conditions here and contact us here.

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