Accessories for a Curly Lifestyle

Pik Me Up

What is it?

It’s extremely easy to use, it’s hard to go wrong with, and it’s a fuss-free alternative to pin curl clips—that’s what Pik Me Up is! All it takes is to slide each Pik up over the scalp until they meet and lock-in, to glide your way to added volume with ease.


Anyone who needs a helping hand (or a helping pik!) when taking care of their curls…which is pretty much all of us.

Pik Me Up is designed to help enhance fullness and volume. Releasing hair weight allows aeration and airflow, thus helping roots air-dry faster. Similarly, if lift is needed under the hijab, then Pik Me Up helps gives that boost.

Enjoying your Pik Me Up is easy:

  • FIRST STEP: Pik ‘em wet

During the drying process after your simple hair care routine, place both Piks facing each other on the crown of your head.

  • FINAL STEP Pik & lock

Insert Pik Me Up into your hair and glide over your scalp until they meet, clasp then lock-in.


Pik Me Up can be used when drying hair naturally, or while inside a hood dryer.

This is fantastic for second-or third-day root lift: add water or gel to the prongs and insert Pik Me Up into dry hair.

Additionally, you can wet and place them in the freezer for use in a calming scalp relief massage. So don’t wait, grab yours now!

Pin Curl Clips

What is it?

Pin Curl Clips have been repurposed from the 80s and 90s roller sets and have been brought back, just for us curlies


An absolute necessity for any curly girl or guy: anyone who wants a nicely defined, crisp curl.

Enjoying your Pin Curl Clips is easy:

  • Pinch and lift curls at the roots.
  • Open the pin curl clips by a half-inch, and slide in perpendicular to the scalp.
  • Remove gently once hair is fully dry.


Lightly spritz a frizzed-out curl with water to make the hair slightly damp, then wrap tightly around a finger.

Remove the finger and anchor this spiral with one of these clips.

Allow to rest for 30 seconds to 2 minutes, then remove the clip—voilà, a re-defined crisp curl!


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