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Discovering the truth in Curl Truth

Curly hair has a lot going for it, and it’s an exciting time as more and more people realise this and embrace their curly side!

Based in the South of England, Curl Truth is one of the leading specialists in the Curly Girl Method, cutting hair using a curl-centric style developed by Lorraine Massey of the US.

We have always been a part of the South East, operating in several locations in Hampshire before setting roots in Southampton’s High Street.

Want to know more about that curly hair buzz? The feeling of freedom to be yourself and love your curls? The appreciation of who you are, and rejoice in your curly uniqueness?

Come and give us a visit; there’s a curly lifestyle waiting for you just up the High Street.

Meet Fabian

Expert curly hairdressers are hard to find. Expert curly hairdressers whom you can talk to like a long-lost friend, and who can be trusted to help you maintain the bounce and liveliness of your curls? They’re even harder to find.

My name is Fabian (some people also call me Fabby) and like many of you, I’ve gone through a few traumatising haircuts in my life.

Growing up, my hair was kept short; I didn’t even know I had curly hair! It all changed when, at fifteen, a close friend decided to allow her curls to unfurl naturally and asked me to accompany her in the growing-out process. This led me to start following the Curly Girl method with friends and family, and also revealed my aptitude for hairdressing.

In my pursuit of the best way to care for curls I met Lorraine Massey, creator of the Curly Girl method. I was trained personally by Lorraine and am now one of the first qualified curl specialists in the country. I’m also an organiser of the first-ever UK classes offering specialised training in Lorraine’s method of cutting hair curl-by-curl.

I am CurlyWorld Certified by Lorraine Massey, and also a member of Curly Hair Artistry, an education organisation in the USA, focused on curly hair care.

So come and book an appointment now and join the happy curls in the world. Live your best life, and keep loving your curls!



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